Paje is a beautifull place for wingfoiling, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The surf conditions

There are two trade winds: The North East, locally called kaskazi, mainly dominant between December and May. Especially nice for goofy footers. The wind is slightly cross on shore between 3 and 6 bft mostly.

The South East trade wind, locally called Kusini, is a cross onshore wind blowing between 3 and sometimes even 7 bft, but mainly 5 bft. It blows from June till October and is ideal for regular stance on the reef.


For wingfoiling we recommend a mast between 60 and maximum 85 cm. For beginners it is more easy to start of with a shorter mast sizes between 45 and 75. The fuselage for waveriding should be short or extra short, to be able to turn shorter and faster. For beginners we have inflatables and boards above 100L.
Recommendable wingsize is between 4.2 and 7. The most used ones are 5.5/6.0 m2.


A beautfiul fisherman village on the East coast of Zanzibar. Because of the tide differences Paje has a beautiful lagune to learn wingfoiling or kitesurfing. For the more advanced surfers there is a beautiful reef where you can shred waves between 1 and 3 meter most of the time. There are also some secret spots on the Island we can take you too 😉.

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